Third Best

In Croatia, football has never been just football, especially after the Croatian national team won the third place at the World Cup 1998 in France. Since then, under the motto of „bread and games“, football matches and the matches of other top teams are being used to divert attention from the difficult economic situation, to get everyday-politics points, to create the illusion of a strong nation and to redirect public money into private pockets. In this way, sport is being taken away from fans, recreationists, amateurs and all those who ask for purity in sport…

Third Best , 2016
Written and directed by: Arsen Oremović
Producer: Ivan Maloča
Cinematography by: Lutvo Mekić, Vjekoslav Vrdoljak
Editor: Slaven Zečević
Composer: Matej Meštrović
Sound design: Gordan Antić

Duration: 70'


Zagrebdox 2016- Regional Competition

Croatian Film Days 2016

Avvantura Film Festival Zadar 2016

Liburnia Film Festival 2016