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Christmas in Vienna

Croatia, December 1991. The war is raging in Slavonija. A violin player Ivan and his colleagues play in the front lines. One of their concerts is interrupted by the enemy shelling. Ivan’s best friend, the cello player, loses his arm. After that Ivan goes to visit his parents who fled to Vienna in order to escape from the horrors of war. He meets a beautiful female doctor, Marina. A friend brings him to an audition in the theatre. Vienna immersed in shining bright lights of Christmas opens possibilities of a new life for Ivan.
But his concern for a wounded friend and his father’s determined decision to return to Croatia, place him in a dilemma. Christmas in Vienna is a film about vulnerable individuals in an extreme situation of crude reality of war. By telling a story of complex and encumbering interpersonal relations of characters, the film questions universal ethical values.

Christmas in Vienna
drama, 1997
Written and directed by: Branko Schmidt
Producer: Ivan Maloča
Co-production company: Croatian radiotelevision(HRT)
Director of Photography: Vjekoslav Vrdoljak H.F.S.
Editor: Vesna Lažeta
Production Designer: Duško Jeričević
Costume Designer: Vjera Ivanković
Composer: Igor Kuljerić

Duration: 94'
Format: 35mm, Color
Aspect Ratio: 1 : 1.66
Sound: optical, Dolby System SR

World sales: Interfilm


Filip Šovagović Ivan Lesjak
Bojana Gregorić Marina Parun
Ljubomir Kapor Petar Lesjak
Vjera Žagar Nardelli Eva Lesjak
Marija Kohn Aunt Ana
Drago Krča Uncle Josip
Gusti Wolf Mizzi
Damir Lončar Emil
Damir Šaban Branko Jelic
Žarko Savić Stevo


Pula Film Festival, 1997
Golden Arena for Best Screenplay
Golden Arena for Best Supporting Actor-Drago Krča
Golden Arena for sound


Pula Film Festival, 1997