Marshal Tito's spirit

Stipan, a young policeman working in Split, is punished for not performing well at work and gets a seemingly ridiculous task. On an island that Stipan’s family is from, a group of pensioners a, all former members of SUBNOR-a (Veteran Partisans’ Organization) led by an old partisan Marinko Cicin, behave suspiciously. Their odd behaviour began after the funeral of one of their fellow partisans, and there is a rumor that they saw a ghost at that funeral. The island is pretty neglected because tourism has been dead for years, so all those who had a chance to leave did so. Stipan starts his investigation which goes round in circles, until a middle aged couple from Zagreb reports seeing Josip Broz Tito’s ghosts in his marshal uniform at the cemetery. Luka, the mayor, decides to promote “socialist – spiritual tourism”, and redecorates the town in a “socialist manner” . Labour Day parades, “štafete” and similar attractions” begin attracting “tourists” and Stipan intensifies his imvestigation. He finds some medals and a Cuban cigar at the place where “Tito’s ghost” was last seen…

Marshal Tito’s Spirit
comedy, 1999
Directed by: Vinko Brešan
Scriptwriter: Ivo Brešan, Vinko Brešan
Producer: Ivan Maloča
Director of Photography: Živko Zalar
Production Designer: Mario Ivezić
Costume Designer: Vesna Pleše
Editor: Sandra Botica Brešan
Music by: Mate Matišić

Duration: 97'
Format: 35mm, Color
Aspect Ratio: 1:1.66
Sound: optical, Dolby System SR

world sales: Interfilm


Dražen Kühn Stipan
Linda Begonja Slavica
Ilija Ivezić Marinko
Ivo Gregurević Luka
Boris Buzančić Jakov
Ljubomir Kapor Bura
Inga Appelt Mare
Predrag Vušević Toni
Bojan Navojac Miško
Boris Svrtan Modrović
Ksenija Pajić Skulić


- The Wolfgang Staudte Prize

KARLOVY VARY international film festival, Czech republic, 2000
- Best Director

Pula film festival, 2000, Croatia
- Audience Award for best film
- the Grand golden arena for Best Film
- the golden arena for Best Actor
- the golden arena for Best Make-up
- the golden arena for Best Music
- the golden arena for Best Screenplay

Camera Festival “Manaki Brothers”, Macedonia, 2000
- Audience Award

VALENCIA int'l film festival, Spain, 2000
- Bronze Palm and "Pierre Kast prize" for best screenplay

cinemed- international festival of mediterranean film, France, 2000
- Prix Mediterranee

BRATISLAVA international film festival, Slovakia, 2000
- Special Mention


BRUSSELS "L’AGE D’OR" film festival, Belgium, 2000

JERUSALEM int'l film festival, Israel, 2000

EDINBURGH international film festival, UK, 2000

"Filmpodium der Stadt" film festival, Switzerland, 2000

"Der Neue Heimatfilm" festival, Austria, 2000

MONTREAL international film festival, Canada, 2000

film festival "Film by the Sea", The Netherlands, 2000

VANCOUVER international film festival, Canada , 2000

WARSAW international film festival, Poland, 2000.

RIO DE JANEIRO int'l film festival, Brazil, 2000.

PUSAN int'l film festival, South Korea, 2000

STRASBOURG international film festival, France, 2000

LJUBLJANA international film festival, Slovenia, 2000

THESSALONIKI international film festival, Greece, 2000