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Osijek, autumn 1991. Henry, an English environmentalist comes to Croatia in order to stop the devastation the oldest oak tree in the world, located in Stari Rastovac, in Eastern Slavonija. He meets Katie, an English reporter of Croatian descent, professional and cold, who is supposed to write a ‘warm, humane report’ about the war in Croatia. They are joined by a mysterious sixteen year-old boy Robi. With the help of Ante, a Croatian soldier, they start their journey to Stari Rastovac, a village surrounded by Serbian forces. They are accompanied by two clumsy policemen, Sućo and Brca, who search for spies. After a line of weird, bizarre and astonishing meetings and events, they come to Stari Rastovac. There, the events evolve in an unusual and unexpected way.

The Old Oak Blues
black comedy, 2000
director: Branko Schmidt
scriptwriter: Goran Tribuson
producer: Ivan Maloča
director of photography: Vjekoslav vrdoljak h.f.s.
editor: Vesna Lažeta
production designer: Duško Jeričević
costume designer: Vesna Pleše
make-up artist: Halid Redžebašić
music bY: RAS
sound: Mladen Pervan, Gordan Fučkar

Duration: 87'
format: 35mm, color


Graham Rock
Nataša Lušetić
Ivo Gregurević
Franjo Dijak
Damir Lončar
Nenad Cvetko
Predrag Vušević
Slaven Knezović
Alma Prica
Dražen Kühn