Two players from the bench

Colonel Skoko, who has been indicted by the Hague Tribunal of War Crimes, is at large and in hiding. Two key witnesses for his defense have also vanished. The Secret Service has brought into the game «two players from the bench». One Croat and one Serb, who not too long fought against each other, are now playing in a dangerous game and their survival is in question.

Two players from the bench
drama, 2005
written and Directed by: Dejan Šorak
Producer: Ivan Maloča
Co-produced by: Croatian Radiotelevision, Studio Maj(Slovenia)
Director of Photography: Vjekoslav Vrdoljak
Production Designer: Mario Ivezić
costume designer: Doris Kristić
Editor: Veljko Segarić
Composer: Mate Matišić
Duration: 112’
format: 35mm, colour
Aspect ratio: 1:1,85
sound: Dolby Digital

world sales: INTERFILM


Goran Navojec Ante
Borko Perić Duško/Katran
Tarik Filipović Antiša
Dora Lipovčan Stela
Renne Gjoni Hague Prosecutor
Nada Gaćešić – Livaković Ante's Mother
Ksenija Pajić Mira Vidušić


Pula film festival, 2005
- Golden arena for best Screenplay
- Golden Arena for Best Actress in a Supporting Role
- Golden Arena for Best Cinematography
- Golden Arena for best Art Direction

Haifa International Film Festival, Israel
– Special Mention


Tribeca Film Festival, International Narrative Competition, USA, 2006

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival; East of the West Competition, Czech republic, 2006

Filmfest Munchen, Germay, 2006

Copenhagen International Film festival, denmark, 2006

Osnabruck International Film Festival

Ghent International Film Festival, The Netherlands, 2006

Arras International Film Festival, France, 2006

Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, USA, 2006

Talinn Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia, 2006

Cinequest Film Festival, USA, 2007

Cleveland International Film Festival, USA, 2007

Malta International Film Festival

Hague International Film festival

Dhakka International Film Festival