Life Is fair

Life Is Fair is a social fable from Croatian life. The protagonist Ivan Croat (his last name is by no means accidental) is on the way home from the night shift. He has just collected a salary that’s insufficient to support his family; his wife who doesn’t have a job and their three children. A chance meeting with a strawberry vendor at the market will propel him to do something that will make his family’s life harder, but will also bring back a taste of happiness that they had not felt in a long time.
The story takes place in Tresnjevka, a Zagreb neighbourhood that once was a symbol of social consciousness and interconnectedness of its inhabitants. Also known as Red Tresnjevka, it was chosen to symbolically represent the consequences and the burden of the political system that has been weighing on many Croats across the country over the past years.

Life is Fair
drama, 2015
Written and directed by: Arsen Oremović
Based on the short story by: Ante Tomić
Producer: Ivan Maloča
Director of photography : Vjekoslav Vrdoljak H.F.S.
Editor: Tomislav Pavlic
Production Designer: Mario Ivezić
Costume Designer: Ivana Zozoli Vargović, Marko Šabarić
Composer: Matej Meštrović

Duration: 15'
aspect ratio: 16:9
sound: stereo


Bojan Navojec Ivan Horvat
Ana Majhenić Ivan Horvat's Wife
Jan Kerekeš Strawberry Vendor
Jan Vasiljević Horvat's Eldest Son
Pia Čebulc Horvat's Daughter
Oliver Martin Nuši Horvat's Youngest Son
Hrvoje Klobučar Narrator (voice)


Croatian Film Days, 2015

Pula Film Festival, 2015

Vukovar Film festival, 2015

Avvantura Film festival Zadar, 2015

13th IN THE PALACE Sofia International Short Film Festival, 2015