Flowers are the most versatile and numerous of the plant species on Earth, to many also the most beautiful. But, what we consider to be beauty is actually a demonstration of nature’s cunningness and intelligence. In the documentary film “Croatia’s Curious Flowers” actor Kristijan Ugrina and his guests reveal why modern flowers produce pollen based on cheap “Chinese technology”, how the orchid seduces the bumblebee, where do the beaver cubs “attend” school in two shifts and how come over two thousand plant species grown on Velebit mountain.

Croatia’s Curious Flowers , 2014
scriptwriters: Jadranka Cicvarić Šiftar, Predrag Šiftar
directed by: Jadranka Cicvarić Šiftar
producer: Ivan Maloča
director of photography: Senad Zemunović
editor: Ema Carić

Duration: 26'
produced by: Interfilm for HRT