Hebrang documentary TV series

On the trail of truth.

This 4 part documentary series examines the destiny of Croatian politician and statesman Andrija Hebrang who was arrested by the political secret police known as UDBA in 1948 in Belgrade. Hebrang never returned home and his family was never informed about his destiny, the time and manner of his death, or the whereabouts of his grave..he vanished. During the so-called investigation, Hebrang’s wife Olga was also arrested along with her three young children, and an unidentified number of people who udba regarded as potential witnesses. Some witnesses were murdered or commited suicide, some were sentenced in staged trials to longterm punishments. These victims of communist repression suffer even today.

All evidence found by the political police in so called investigations were fake. The greater portion of archive documents in Croatia became available after the changes in the 1990s, whereas in Serbia, udba archives have still been classified as top secret. The Croatian democratic government has done nothing to establish the truth in these crimes against humanity in the era of totalitarian communist regime.

Hebrang documentary TV series , 2010
Screenplay by: Branko Hebrang i Hrvoje Hitrec
Directors: Zoran Budak i Neven Hitrec
Producer: Ivan Maloča
Cinematography by: Tamara Cesarec, Dragan Marković, Silvio Jesenković
Editor: Jelena Modrić
Composer: Dalibor Grubačević
co- produced by: Croatian Radiotelevision(HRT)
Documentary TV series in 4 episodes