An eager downtown boy Robi (Rene Bitorajac), a lifelong student, arrogant and quite straight-forward, constantly warring with a good-looking Irena (Mila Elegović-Balić), a not so bright, but very resourceful and ambitious ex model who decided she wanted to pursue a more meaningful life.

There are others too, two friends with completely contrasting personalities – who, by a twist of faith, become Robi’s flatmates.Kazimir (Hrvoje Kečkeš) is a rather confused guy that had lived with his high-maintenance mother until recently, a guy who knows everything there is about films and music, but has never had a serious relationship with a girl, and lacks social competencies, but is determined to change all that and become an independent man.

His childhood friend Teo (Tarik Filipović) is his total opposite – a handsome and successful young lawyer making progress with everything he does, who has always looked after Kazo as if he was his younger brother. But, at the beginning of the first episode his luck is about to change – his wife throws him out of their apartment, and the business starts going bad too in the next episodes, and Teo slowly starts turning into a man who is less than successful, but again happier than he used to be.

There’s also a withdrawn, but likeable Irena’s ”accidental” flatmate Lucija (Nataša Dangubić), who gets a job at the video shop where Kazo works, and who will prove toeverybody there’s much more to her than meets the eye. The cynical feminised Waiter (Dražen Čuček) , a man of the people – The Boss, the video shop owner (Predrag Vušović) and its regular customer Erotomaniac (Mile Kekin) occasionally join in with the leading five characters.


Bums and Princesses
comedy, 2005. - 2009.
directed by: Goran Kulenović, Ivan-Goran Vitez, Vinko Brešan, Dražen Žarković
screenplay by: Goran Kulenović, Ivan-Goran Vitez, Antonio gabelić, Irena Krčelić, Zoran Lazić, Tonći Kožul, Vlado Bulić, Koraljka Meštrović, Dražen Žarković, Branko Ružić, A.Tardozzi, R.bitorajac, M.Kekin
producer: Ivan Maloča
directors of photography: Branko Linta, Silvio Jesenković, Dragan Marković Markoni, Mišo Orepić
Editors: Slaven Jekauc, Veljko Segarić, Goran Kulenović
composer: Dubravko Robić
set designer: Mario Ivezić
costume designer: Sanja Šeler
make-up artist: Slavica Šnur
Season 1 (2005.): 13 episodes
Season 2 (2006.): 26 episodes
Season 3 (2007.): 20 episodes + special episode
Season 4 (2008.): 24 episodes
Season 5 (2009.): 24 episodes

Produced by: Interfilm for Croatian Radiotelevison (HRT)


Rene Bitorajac Robi
Mila Elegović Balić Irena
Tarik Filipović Teo
Nataša Dangubić Lucija
Hrvoje Kečkeš Kazo
Predrag Vušević The Boss
Dražen Čuček Waiter
Mile Kekin Erotomaniac
Mia krajcar Adriana