The plot of the TV comedy show «Zakon!» (”The Law!”) takes place in Svetkovina, a town lying on the very border between two prosperous counties, the capital of the furnishing industry and also – thanks to its strong police forces, inspector Zdravko Maček and his deputy Mateo Ćirić – the safest place in the country. These two will take up cases involving burglary, kidnappings, serial murders, paedophiles, copper thieves, car stealing mafia, CD piracy, mythical monsters, Satanists, as well as an ancient tribe of Afro-Croatians.

Zdravko (Stojan Matavulj ) is a middle-aged inspector, freshly divorced, cynical, tired of life. He remembers times when everything used to be so much better; he just can’t seem to remember how exactly it was better for him. Quick to use his police stick and less sharp then he is inclined to think.

Mateo (Robert Ugrina) is a young, ambitious, naive policeman in his mid twenties, with a heart of gold. He lives by his idealistic image of the police profession, which is based on too many American TV shows. He is hopeless when it comes to girls, secretly in love with the waitress Rajna (Ines Bojanić), an informer serving scoops from the other side – of the bar counter.

Krmpotić (Nenad Cvetko) is a regular visitor at the police station. He tends to break the law on a regular basis so that he can hide from his wife and live a dignified life.

The brain of the police quarters at Svetkovina is Duško (Sven Šestak) – a forensic expert, electrician, IT specialist, physician, chemist… in a word: a scientist.

The unofficial chief of the police is the town Mayor (Angel Palašev) that sees his term in office as form of a paid vacation, while the things he most enjoys doing are admiring himself and bullying his spokesperson Denis (Ivica Pucar).


The Law!
comedy, 2008, 2009
Created by: Zoran Lazić, Tonći Kožul
Directed by: Ivan-Goran Vitez, Tomislav Rukavina
Scriptwriters: Zoran Lazić, Tonći Kožul, Ivan-Goran Vitez
Producer : Ivan Maloča
Director of photography: Mario Krce
Set designer: Mario Ivezić
Costume designer: Sanja Šeler
Make-up artist: Slavica Šnur
Music by: Stjepan Krznarić, Zoran Lazić

Number of episodes: 24
running time: 35'


Stojan Matavulj Zdravko Maček
Robert Ugrina Mateo Ćirić
Nenad Cvetko Krmpotić
Sven Šestak Duško
Ines Bojanić rajna
Angel Palašev The Mayor
Ivica Pucar Denis