This music documentary speaks about the recording of an album by Matej Meštrović and the Sudar (Clash) Percussion Ensemble in the Castle of Sv. Križ Začretje in Hrvatsko zagorje. While the recording captures the echo bouncing of the castle walls, the piano player and his band playfully create a unique, extraordinary soundtrack for a strange story about the lady of castle, who happens to live like a “pauper” amongst all the exuberance around her. This is a story about music and Matej Meštrović, but also about an indifferent society, absurd neglect of the cultural heritage, expensive personal misjudgements and poor decisions, clashing with illusions…

Castle Clash , 2014
Written and directed by: Arsen Oremović
Producenti: Ivan Maloča, Branimir Mihaljević
Director of photography: Vjekoslav Vrdoljak H.F.S.
Music by: Matej Meštrović
Editing by: Roman Cernjak, Zorana Rajić
Co-produced by: Karpo Media
Duration: 36'


DORF – Festival of Documentary Rock Film 2015
- special mention

The Independent Music Award, 2015


Starigrad Paklenica Film Festival 2014

MUVI Lisboa 2014

IFFK - International Film Festival Kerala 2014

ZagrebDox 2015

Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival 2015

DORF – Festival of Documentary Rock Film 2015

Supetar Super Film Festival 2015