Living Pictures III.

Final part of the documentary trilogy, Living Pictures 3, displays in a synthetic way the prehistory of Croatian cinematography in a Mediterranean context and perspective and closes the story about the unknown pioneer stage of Croatian film before the Second World War, whose heritage is scattered for well-known historical reasons of belonging to Yugoslav, Central European and Mediterranean cultural and political space.

The film presents and evaluates films made on the territory of Croatia and analyzes influences of Mediterranean and Central European film that gave birth to Croatian cinema – Josip Karaman in Dalmatia, Josip Hall, Stanisalav Nowory in Rijeka, and in Istria Salvatore Spina, a pioneer of Trieste cinematography, followed by Milan Marjanović. It showcases the rise of popular cinemas, reconstructions of current events on film(e.g. The Attack on Narodna banka in Rijeka, 1909.), the vast production of Škola narodnog zdravlja, and finally true artistic endevours, film adaptation of classic Croatian authors such as conte Ivo Vojnović or Milan begović (Feature films “The Lady with Sunflowers” and “American Yacht in the Port of Split”). There’s also proto neorealism of the film “Life Goes On” shot on the island of Vis in 1933. Also worth the mention are famous actresses, two sisters from Rijeka Irma and Emma Gramatica, Lago Nais, Liliae Dale, Marija Piro…



Living Pictures III. , 2008
Written and directed by: Mladen Juran
Produced by: Ivan Maloča
Edited by: Veljko segarić
Duration: 60'
Format: Digital Betacam, color/black-and-white
sound: stereo