Married to the swiss franc

Documentary film about credits in Swiss Francs, that is, about the problem which dramatically reflects the indifference of the government, left or right, towards their own citizens. The film deals with that problem through different levels: through destinies of credit victims from all over Croatia who suffer serious dramas – increase of credit installment from six to ten thousand Croatian kuna, family breakdowns, illnesses, deaths – and through expert explanations of financial, legal, political, historical and sociological aspects of the problem.

However, it also raises the question why the only reaction of 120 thousand deceived people is just general feeling of helplessness and charges filed by Franak Association, instead of more concrete forms of rebellion, and whether the question of debt (on a wider social level) can be a means for mobilization of masses.

Married to the Swiss Franc , 2013
Written and directed by: Arsen Oremović
Producer: Ivan Maloča
Director of photography: Vjekoslav Vrdoljak H.F.S
Editor: Slaven Jekauc
Composer: Matej Meštrović

Duration: 53'


Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013
- Human Rights Award

Vukovar Film Festival, 2013
- Best Documentary Film


Subversive Film Festival, Croatia, 2013

Liburnia Film Festival, Croatia, 2013

Mediterranean Film festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013

Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, 2014