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The Banquet

This documentary film by Vinko Bresan, as the name suggests, deals with banquets, but less from the culinary aspect and more from the social context. Along with the chef, the main protagonists are people whose job is to create a social event. These are: the event planner who coordinates the planning of an event and who admits that presence of stars, models and athletes at the event is very important; an editor and a photographer of a tabloid who try to show Croatian jet-set.  The most interesting character is Franjo Maric, a hobby photographer whose great stature and big camera but also his colorful suit and tie attract attention. When the celebrities spot him, Franjo has a chance to take one more photo in addition to the 250 000 already taken, which he shoots for his own pleasure only.

The Banquet , 2006

Duration: 53'


Written and directed by Vinko Brešan
Producer Ivan Maloča
Cinematography by Stanko Herceg, Branko Linta, Željko Guberović, Darko Mardešić, Lutvo Mekić
Editor Sandra Botica Brešan