The Silenced Voice

Autumn 1991 – After a three-month siege and brutal destruction, the Yugoslav People’s Army and Serb paramilitary units captured the Croatian town of Vukovar. Siniša Glavašević, journalist of the local radio station, reported from the remnants of his town until the very end. His extraordinary voice and his nearly poetical reports became a symbol of resistance. After the fall of Vukovar, the Yugoslav Army took Siniša away from the Vukovar hospital, along with another 267 men and women. Branko Polovina, Radio Vukovar technician, and Jean Michel Nicollier, the wounded army volunteer from France, were among those who were taken away. Several years later they were found in the mass grave at Ovčara.

The documentary, The Silenced Voice is a story about them in the war: a story of friendship, love, responsibility, sincere engagement, and a calculated, cruel execution.

The Silenced Voice , 2010
Written and directed by: Višnja Starešina
Producer: Ivan Maloča
Director of Photography: Silvio Jesenković
Editor: Veljko Segarić
Composer: Dalibor Grubačević
Duration: 91'
Format: PAL, colour
aspect ratio: 16:9
sound: stereo 2.0
subtitles: English, French, German, Dutch, Polish


Croatian Film Days, 2011.
- Audience Award

Homeland Film Festival, Croatia, 2014
- audience award

International Historical and Military film Festival Warsaw, Poland, 2015.
- special mention

Worldfest Houston, USA, 2015
- special jury prize