Accidental Co-traveller

The film is an urban satire, made in “road movie” style. All the characters are particular and “weird”. The heroine is twenty-year-old Vanja – a very beautiful girl who likes classical comic books. She uses her intelligence and sexual attractiveness as jokers that will save her from her desperate life.
She works in a provincial factory, lives with her parents and relatives in a humble, shabby house. Vanja hasn’t received her paycheck in months and she loses it, leaves her job and her home, takes her backpack and hitchhikes to Zagreb.
It’s the beginning of her adventure full of bizarre accidental encounters and drivers, none of which are indifferent to Vanja’s beauty, youth and self-confidence.
Her cousin Srđan – a frustrated part-timer in a sports magazine – will get an interview with a promising football player; a rich and arrogant football manager Ivan will lose €50,000; aspiring university professor Feđa Bartolović, ready to help his attractive female students who cannot cope with material, will be ashamed and humiliated; blasé Greta will be forced to confront her demons and a lonely twelve-year-old boy will find a friend.

Accidental Co-Traveller
adventure, 2004
directed by: Srećko Jurdana
written by: Srećko Jurdana, Draženka Polović
producer: Ivan Maloča
co-produced by: Croatian Radiotelevision
director of photography: Silvio Jesenković
editor: vesna Lažeta
composer: petar Obradović
production designer: Mario Ivezić
costume designer: Željka Franulović
sound recordist: Toni Jurković
sound designer: Ruben Albahari
Duration: 73'
format: 35mm, color
aspect ratio: 1:1,66
sound: Dolby SR

world sales: Interfilm


Dora Fišter Vanja Barbarić
Cintija Ašperger Greta
Zlatko Ožbolt Ivan Puzina
Ante Prkačin Priest
Nenad Cvetko Srđan
Božidar Orešković Mrazović
Milan Štrljić Adalbert's Father
Božidarka Frajt Greta's mother
Matija Prskalo Nanny
Vlasta Knezović Vanja's mother
Edo Vujić Vanja's father


Vjesnik award for best debutant actress - Dora Fišter