Marinko (25) works for Street Parking Services. With his colleague Ante, he tows away illegally parked cars to the city car pound. Ante’s frequent conflicts with people are an integral part of Marinko’s working day. After work, Marinko is tired and lonely. He has a quick meal, watches TV and goes to sleep. Day in day out, until a woman named Marija quietly enters his life.

drama, 2016
Story and screenplay by: Ivan Turković-Krnjak
Director and co-writer: Juraj Primorac
Producer: Ivan Maloča
Director of photography: Luka Matić
Production designer: Dora Primorac
Costume Designer: Zorana Frkić
Make-up Artist: Ivana Pralija
Editor: Sara Gregorić
Sound designer: Dubravka Premar

Duration: 28'30''