A plumber spends his working days unclogging and repairing sewer drains at his customer’s apartments but also listening to their confessions and reconstructions of dire events from their lives: a middle-age woman is wasting her life caring for an old man; a young boy throws his mother’s wedding ring down the drain as a protest against his parents’ constant fighting; a teenage girl break the toilet bowl in a fight with her sexually abusive father; a young transvestite attempts suicide in the bathtub but gives up when he realizes that no one will come to his rescue..
At the same time, Ana, a woman with a bruised face leaves her apartment, roams the city streets in the night and ends up on a bridge. Burdened by the negative energy accumulated through other people’s destinies, the plumber goes back home in the evening, and enters the very same apartment that Ana abandoned earlier..

drama, 2006
written and directed by : Davor Žmegač
producer: Ivan Maloča
co-produced by : Croatian radiotelevision(HRT)
director of photography: Branko Linta h.f.s.
editor: Josip Podvorac
composer: Tomislav Šilipetar
production designer: Mladen Ožbolt
costume designer: Ivan Lemac
make-up artist: Snježana Tomljenović

Duration: 21'
aspect ratio: 16:9
sound: stereo


Dražen Šivak
Anita Matić
Ivana Krizmanić
Zoran Čubrilo
Damir Klemenić
Davor Svedružić
Luka Lovrinović